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The gut-brain connection

BY: Andrea Nakayama

DATE: 2022-04-26

Whether you’re enrolled in Full Body Systems classes with us or not, I would never want you to miss out on some weekly inspiration.You can always count on me to provide you with a sneak peek into some of the bonus content I share within the curriculum! 😉  And today I’m excited to share content connected to the all important gut-brain connection.

This sneak peek clip is from the Full Body Systems Neuro Intensive. (The Neuro Intensive is one of the main modules within the 10-month online program, which also includes the Digestive Intensive, the Immune Intensive, the Endocrine Intensive and more!)

As you might guess, I have so much to share when it comes to the gut-brain connection and brain health after years of personal and professional study on this matter (the white and gray matter that is).

In this Full Body Systems exclusive Guest Health and Medical Expert Bonus Interview with Dr. Katherine Reid, she shares her personal story which will likely resonate with you (a family health crisis sent her on a search for answers). She also shares how her focus on food through a biochemical lens led her to research and uncover things that might surprise you as it relates to the gut-brain connection.

If autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or sensory processing disorders (SPD) touch you personally or professionally, you’ll want to tune in for sure! If that’s not your main concern, I still encourage you not to skip this. There are some clinical pearls in this short clip that I don’t want you to miss!

Guest Health & Medical Expert Interview Sneak Peak with Dr. Katherine Reid

Dr. Reid’s research into food, nutrition, and the gut-brain connection began when her young daughter was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Her scientific background (in biochemistry) and experience with nutrition research, allowed her to make discoveries and connections that are not easily uncovered.

Her research and success with her daughter led her to create her nonprofit called Unblind My Mind and the REID program (Reduced Excitatory Inflammatory Diet).

Listen in to hear about the connections that Dr. Reid made including:

  • the biochemical reason that gluten and casein might negatively impact the brain

  • the connections between free glutamate and autism spectrum disorders (ASD)

  • why reading food labels might not be enough

Here’s a short clip from my chat with Dr. Katherine Reid:

This interview reminds me of a quote by another friend who focuses on brain health…Dr. Maya Shetreat, author of The Dirt Cure. Here’s that quote:


Brilliant, right?

If you’re interested to hear more from Dr. Katherine Reid and Dr. Maya Shetreat, be sure to check out these episodes of the 15-Minute Matrix:

Episode #183 Mapping Glutamate with Dr. Katherine Reid

Episode #211 Mapping Terrain with Dr. Maya Shetreat

And for a deeper understanding of the gut-brain connection in your practice, be sure to check out Full Body Systems, our 10-month online training program in the science and art of the Functional Nutrition Practice. We’ll begin to explore these interconnections in the very first modules!

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Andrea Nakayama

By: Andrea Nakayama, FxNA Founder & Functional Medicine Nutritionist

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