Functional Medicine: Science or Quackery?

Posted on: April 18th 2019

I’m always surprised when I discover that some people think Functional Medicine is quackery. They may say there aren’t enough studies to back it up, that the evidence for its efficacy just isn’t there, or that it doesn’t have any sort of board certification.

Yet I beg to differ. And history has my back!

Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition have their roots in a legacy of efforts to return to a kind of healthcare that:

honors the truth that each patient is unique
acknowledges the important role that you play in your own healing
and highlights the care in healthcare

In the late 1800s, Sir William Osler claimed that “It is more important to know what patient has the disease than to know what disease the patient has.” He insisted on teaching medicine outside of the classroom, taking it instead to the bedside. In fact, Osler wanted his epitaph to read, “He taught medical students at the

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top ten tips to love your liver!

Posted on: April 10th 2019

For the past few weeks my mind has been mulling the importance of loving my liver.

Maybe it’s the season that’s calling my attention to this large organ of mine. That’s right, this season makes me think of my liver!

It may sound odd, but in ancient Chinese Medicine, spring is the season of the liver. And they knew what they were talking about by associating a season with an organ…

According to traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is the time to extend ourselves, deepen our roots and gather resiliency in the wind. It’s like the blooms I see all around me! These same tendencies are tied to the function of the liver. It works to detoxify the blood and produce the secretions that help us to metabolize all our macronutrients—our carbohydrates, fats and p

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Hormone Happy Horchata

Posted on: March 29th 2019

Hormones are a HOT topic!

You’ve got ’em.

I’ve got ’em.

But how do we manage t

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