It’s so easy being green!

Posted on: October 8th 2018

I often take time to meditate on the migration of my meals and morsels but lately, I’ve been especially mindful. With the EstroZen Detox underway, I’m deep in thoughts of the science of food.

Not just my food, but hopefully yours too!

Which foods support your hormone balance and which thwart it?

It’s all a careful correspondence and I must confess that I love delving into the nitty gritty to customize a dietary protocol that delivers the best results possible, while also creating a blueprint you can carry easily into your everyday—well beyond our time together inside of a program or protocol.

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the perfect remedy for your weekend hangover…

Posted on: October 8th 2018

OK. You did it. You indulged a bit this weekend. Maybe an early dip into the Halloween candy bucket or an extra pour of that warming red wine.

Perhaps you’ve been overindulging for a few nights (or weeks or months), sampling the candy intended for the trick-or-treaters later this month, unwrapping more than a couple of Tootsie Rolls at a time.

Maybe you stayed away from the packaged confections this weekend and whipped up a bunch of homemade treats instead. Even that healthier route can lead to eating more sweets than you’d expected, tipping the scale on our delicate hormone balance.

There’s something important to know…It’s OK! We all do it.

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Be Aware and Act Flax!

Posted on: October 2nd 2018

an important note about estrogen dominance:

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

That does not mean that your awareness and action should be relegated to one month out of the year—especially when several types of cancer, as well as low thyroid function and a host of other signs and symptoms, have one big thing in common…

estrogen dominance

It’s high time that we hone our hormone awareness throughout the year! (And that’s for women and men alike

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