Deficiency to Sufficiency – Magnesium

Posted on: June 14th 2018

At the Functional Nutrition Alliance Clinic we tailor our recommendations to meet the unique needs and requirements of every client. Cookie cutter protocols, magic pills, and the diet of the day aren’t where we look when it comes to helping our clients reach their healing potential.

That’s because we know, as you likely do too, that one size never fits all.

And while we certainly don’t suggest that our clients take so many supplements that they require a suitcase to tote them, we do believe in the principles of bringing deficiencies to sufficiency.

Those deficiencies can be in digestive secretions (such as enzymes or acids), in psychological nourishment (like love or support), in hormones, immune factors and, of course, in key nutrient

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What’s cholesterol have to do with digestion?

Posted on: May 31st 2018

The question of cholesterol is often a confusing one.

Is it good?
What’s too high?
Is there a too low?

In my signature Fat or Fiction home-study course we explore the role of different fats as well as the history of the cholesterol controversy. And lately, I’ve been thinking more about the role of cholesterol on our digestion.

Here’s where I have to reveal a secret. Whenever I encounter one of these confusing topics, I do two things. The first is to look to the resources I know and trust. The second is to delve into the scienc

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when the shoe fits. . .

Posted on: May 24th 2018

It started when you were very little. Someone slipped a shoe on your pudgy foot to see if it fit.

And maybe it did, and maybe it didn’t.

Depending on the fit (and your temperament), you may have ended up screaming and crying with the constrained and disappointing feeling of the miss-match.

Thus started a journey through life…of finding the right shoes,
the right jeans,
the right partner,
the right mentor
the right diet,
the right foods.

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