use this tool to help you catch your zzzzzzs

Posted on: February 20th 2019

Sleep is what I call a “Non-Negotiable”. It must be addressed. Right away.

No matter what your most pressing signs, symptoms, or diagnoses, sleep is of utmost importance for the resolution of whatever ails you.

In fact, at the Functional Nutrition Alliance Clinic we’re able to guide people to resolution even when they’ve been everywhere and done everything because we stick to this principle:

If you’re not sleeping, pooping, and your blood sugar isn’t stable, we address these in ways that meet your body’s unique needs either before or during any other recommendations or interventions. That’s because these three are extremely significant and connected to your desired results! (More so than you mig

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Easy weeknight meal

Posted on: January 31st 2019

What’s for dinner tonight??

The clients who come through our doors at the Functional Nutrition Alliance (FxNA) Clinic often ask that question!

Let me clarify…they ask what they can make for dinner tonight that’s quick, easy and fits into their needed food parameters.

It can be quite a challenge at the end-of-the-day to have dinner on the table when your crew convenes for the family meal. I get i

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shining the light (on what may not feel right)

Posted on: January 24th 2019

What’s your body telling you?

For the past few days I’ve been waking up with allergic shiners—dark and puffy little bags of skin beneath my eyes.

I’ve also been traveling recently for work, plus I’ve been under a bit more stress than usual.

But what’s up with the shiners?

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