myths about root cause resolution

Posted on: December 6th 2018

The term root cause resolution gets a lot of play these days.

And for good reason! I mean, if you had to choose between getting to the heart of your health concerns for long term relief, or simply suppressing your symptoms for a short period of time, you’d probably go for the roots.

We all know that weeding from the roots is more sustainable than plucking the stems.

But there’s a problem with root cause resolution. A BIG problem.

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a simple stew on the stove

Posted on: November 29th 2018

Aches. Chills. Sore throats…

You too?

As we move into the colder (and wetter) months, I’ve been hearing word of a nasty bug circulating many parts of the Pacific Northwest where I live, as well as other parts of the country.

I’m here to remind you that with the change in weather (no matter where you live) comes the perfect time to step into the kitchen to cook up a nourishing and simple stew. (I’m taking a break from doing that right now to encourage you to do the sa

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Your biggest Holiday Pitfalls?

Posted on: November 20th 2018

Yesterday I traveled to my Mom’s house in San Diego. This year I met my son there instead of traveling together, as he took a pre-birthday trip (he’s turning 18 next month!) to Los Angeles to see some friends and have some of what he likes to call “uncle-son” time.

Thanksgiving has been the holiday my parents have claimed for decades now, calling all west coast family to feast at their table.

The tradition with my parents began when they lived in Colorado. During those years, my late husband (then boyfriend), Isamu and I would pack our warmest clothes and boots in preparation for the Colorado chill. We’d stuff our bags with sweaters and prepare for the mixed blessings of a family gathering.

You likely know what I mean by the mixed blessings of family gatherings

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