Deficiency to Sufficiency – Magnesium

Posted on: September 26th 2019

At the Functional Nutrition Alliance Clinic we tailor our recommendations to meet the unique needs and requirements of every client. Cookie cutter protocols, magic pills, and the diet of the day aren’t where we look when it comes to helping our clients reach their healing potential.

That’s because we know, as you likely do too, that one size never fits all.

And while we certainly don’t suggest that our clients take so many supplements that they require a suitcase to tote them, we do believe in the principles of bringing deficiencies to sufficiency.

Those deficiencies can be in digestive secretions (such as enzymes or acids), in psychological nourishment (like love or support), in hormones, immune factors and, of course, in key nutrient

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“back it up”

Posted on: September 12th 2019

“Back it up” is my mantra.

And when it comes to your health, it could be your mantra too.

“Backing it up” ensures that we’re focusing on the roots of our health concerns, and that we’re not leaving any stone unturned in our journey towards resolution.

But what does it mean to “ba

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gut loving Labor Day – How to!

Posted on: August 29th 2019

A potluck or barbecue, like those held every Labor Day, can trigger surprising digestive explosions (similar to what you might see in the sky on the 4th of July!)

Maybe you’ve experienced this, but not put any rhyme or reason to it. Over the years it’s just become a part of your independent right to both celebrate and suffer.

Today, as we lean into the Labor Day weekend here in the states, I’m sharing my top 4 tactics for loving the Labor Day levity (and letting it love you)…


Make or bring a dish to your holiday festivities that will both captivate your culinary cravings (as well as quenching the appetites of those around you), while also soothing the potential for digestive distr

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