shining the light (on what may not feel right)

Posted on: April 12th 2018

What’s your body telling you?

For the past few days I’ve been waking up with allergic shiners—dark and puffy little bags of skin beneath my eyes.

I’ve also been traveling recently for my son’s spring break and business trips, and under a bit more stress than usual with tax season and the upcoming anniversary of my late husband’s brain tumor diagnosis.

But what’s up with th

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Olive You!

Posted on: April 5th 2018

For thousands of years and across myriad cultures and mythologies, the olive tree has been synonymous with “peace” and “prosperity”. And thus, so are the fruits and oils from this tree.

I think of olive oil as one of our most potent pain relieving and anti-inflammatory agents.

In fact, freshly pressed extra-virgin olive oil contains a compound that has the same pharmacological impact as ibuprofen. That’s right! One tablespoon of olive oil may be a better curative for those spasms and tenderness that typically leave you reaching for the plastic white bottle of NSAIDs.

This same molecule, called oleocanthal, is what’s said to be at the heart of the superior health benefits of the Mediterrane

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my routine breakfast bowl

Posted on: March 29th 2018

Weekday mornings are often a time for routine.

Better to wake-up, engage in the habits that serve us without too much thought or pontification, and roll into the day with a fresh and healthy start. (Weekends are a different story!)

As we wrap up our granola-loving series I wanted to share one final favorite…

It’s the recipe that gives me get-up-and-go each morning. And believe me, routine doesn’t have to be a bore. I look forward to my morning bowl every da

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