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I have been on the Good Riddance program for two months and it is working in an amazing way. I am almost completely symptom free, I have lost some weight and most importantly my blood work at my doctor’s office is getting back to normal! I can’t thank all of you enough for giving my life back to me.
~ Rebecca


For the past 3 years, I’ve educated myself about changing my own dysfunctional eating habits. But nothing really “clicked” until I did Andrea’s program. The last 2 weeks in Good Riddance have taught me so much about digestion, metabolism, & emotional connections – and how it all fits together. It all makes sense now! Andrea has given us a beautifully laid out, step-by-step system that gets us eating like the natural human beings that we are. Thank you for this wonderful gift.
~ Donna


Andrea’s Sweet Tooth class opened my eyes to the perils of white sugar and flour. Cutting out those empty calories has helped me lose weight, avoid post-sugar crashes and stabilize my mood. Andrea is in the vanguard of nutritionists advocating that our biggest problem isn’t fat, as we’re told in advertisements, but white flour. It came as a shock to me, but everything I’ve read since — and my own health — just confirms it.
~ Anthony


I loved the Fat or Fiction Homestudy course! The program is well thought out and very informative. I liked that Andrea provides the transcripts so that you don’t even have to take notes. The recipes that she includes are delicious. I had heard years ago that coconut oil was good for you, but you often hear this or that is good for you and then later you hear that it’s not good for you, right? Very frustrating. Andrea explains the chemistry of fat in an easy to understand way, why fats got a bad rap in the first place, how to incorporate fats into the diet and much more. Now I know why fats are beneficial on a deeper level and feel comfortable with my decisions.
~ Barbara


Thank you so much for imparting this information and for all your support. I look and feel like a new person! I have been looking for answers and help for the past 4 years and this EstroZen detox has made the biggest difference in my life. I am afraid to make any changes to my diet as I feel so good and truthfully do not miss any of the foods we eliminated. I am looking forward to doing many more classes and cleanses with you in the future. You are amazing!
~ Cheri


I’ve felt good, explored new markets and new recipes and proved to myself that I can actually find the discipline to avoid sugar (my biggest vice)! This can clearly be attributed to the wonderful protocol and delicious fiber-rich recipes you have designed to nourish, satisfy and delight us. Thank you so much for making this cleansing opportunity available to us and for providing a community support forum in order to guide and deepen our experiences.
~ anonymous Autumn Cleanser


On my 4th week, and really think that I just won’t stop! Sugar cravings have miraculously stopped, and even when it’s right in front of me (like at work), I don’t want it. Have dropped 11 far, and feel great, but the real bonus is that my wrist and my knee have stopped hurting! So the anti-inflammatory aspect of this cleanse/diet is working almost miraculously well. I don’t feel at all inclined to go back to my old way of eating. These recipes are fantastic, and the Good Riddance itself so wonderful. Thank you so much to Andrea and the FxNA team…you are awesome!!!
~ Mia


I have become a FxNA devotee! After completing the You’re Not the Boss of Me! detox I feel amazing! I have completely eliminated sugar from my diet without a moment of regret, despair or cravings. I now have a deep understanding of why sugar is so harmful in the body, along with ways to create sweet healthy sugar free treats to satisfy my sweet tooth! The recipes and knowledge I have gained have transformed the way I cook, eat and feel! Thank you Andrea, you are a true guru!
~ Stacy Petersen


Andrea Nakayama is a nutrition goddess. Her knowledge of foods and how they affect the body is mind-boggling.
~ Dr. Jennifer Karon-Flores, Naturopathic Physician,


Before the EstroZen Detox my PMS symptoms had been getting worse with age. This three week detox gave me a chance to realize that what I was putting into my body daily contributed to these symptoms. I’m looking forward to continuing to rid my body of excess Estrogen and see monthly how my hormones balance out now that I have good resources, tools and knowledge. Thank you Andrea. Your passion for a happy healthy life for all is amazing.
~ Andrea T


I bought a thermos and filled it with the soup to take with me to an all-day meeting in Seattle yesterday and that worked great. I’m eating yummy salads for dinner. I have lost several pounds, which makes me thrilled and I’m managing a full work day and playing soccer at night. I am excited to feel this good. I feel so much more peaceful and connected to ME. A big thank you to Andrea and Andrea for this great new journey in my life.
~ Gail


This cleanse has been a game-changer for me and I wanted to express my thanks. As someone who has spent most of my life either strictly dieting or moderately “splurging,” I have developed insulin resistance and losing weight has become increasingly difficult. This FxNA Autumn Cleanse eating plan seems to have been the perfect balance for me. I find the food warming, satisfying, and delicious. My bowels have moved 3x a day and I have slept like a rock. I definitely have lost a few pounds, my jeans are fitting better and my stomach is so much flatter! My blood sugar has remained in very tight control. Best of all, my nagging desire for food has dramatically diminished. My sweets cravings have dramatically diminished and I know I can have an elixir which will make me happy and satisfied. I think the addition of coconut oil and ghee has been really helpful for me and my body. Sorry for the lengthy post, but I wanted to say thank you. After so many years experimenting, studying and trying to find the right formula for me, I think I’ve discovered it and I thank you, Andrea. This might be the best investment of my money, time, and energy ever.
~ Staley


Before the EstroZen detox I didn’t really think too much about “balancing my hormones” and didn’t think I needed to. This is one of those times where you learn what you didn’t know that you didn’t know. A real eye-opener! And Andrea never leaves you hanging. Through the others on the message board, I learned more about what I may not have even thought about! By the start of the 3rd week, I was able to pop out of bed instead of dreading getting up, even early enough to make breakfast (which is unusual) and sustain that energy well into the night. I will be taking this knowledge with me the rest of my life. Oh yeah, I also lost 3 lbs but my body feels & looks tighter even though I didn’t lose that many lbs!
~ Myra