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About the company:

The Functional Nutrition Alliance (FxNA) is a small startup with global reach that is committed to making a paradigm shift in healthcare. Under the leadership of functional nutritionist Andrea Nakayama (Founder/CEO) and through our virtual school and clinical practice, we teach the patient and practitioner alike in the science and art of functional nutrition, so that patients can take informed command and build a medical team that works for them towards a state of enhanced health.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, we are a virtual startup undergoing rapid growth. This is a demanding yet highly rewarding startup environment with a great sense of mission and purpose. We’re seeking others to join us who are passionate about being part of an agile team generating a paradigm shift that empowers the patient towards greater control over their own health care.

Why join our team?

  • Because you’re passionate about health and nutrition and you want to align your personal

and professional life!

  • You get to work from home (in your bunny slippers) and skip the commute!
  • You’ll have schedule flexibility. No more 9-5.
  • There is TONs of opportunity for growth and you’ll be a part of developing the Company.
  • You’ll be a part of a supportive and positive team.
  • Your work will support making a REAL difference in health care.

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