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good riddance: the real food remedy that rids you of your symptoms

A step-by-step proven system to eliminate the biggest inflammatory and symptom-causing culprits in your diet and lifestyle. Follow the simple steps outlined in detail in this month-long elimination diet and e-course and say Good Riddance to many of your symptoms once and for all. With audio classes, protocols, recipes, and daily inspiration, we consider this Step #1 on your path to optimal health!

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audio classes:

sweet tooth, bitter truth

Whether you're looking to bust a sugar addiction that's affecting your mood, your metabolism, or just plain making you feel remorse at the end of the day, this e-course is for you. You'll learn how & why sugar is affecting your body, brain and even your freedom. We'll sink our teeth into sugar's effects on pain, mood, fatigue, immunity, and weight loss. Better yet, you'll now know how to curb the cravings and still tickle your sweet tooth.

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fat or fiction

Whether you're fat phobic, fat curious, or just plain bewildered about this key nutrient, you'll get the most cutting-edge information so you can make the best choices for your health. With this comprehensive e-course you'll finally learn how and why to use particular dietary fats to stabilize your blood sugar, balance your cholesterol, support your hormonal health, decrease inflammation and boost your metabolism. And get ready for some juicy who dunnit stories about why we developed such an aversion to dietary fat!

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hashi companion

The Girl's Guide to Hashimoto's: Hashi Companion is an online course to help you (both girls and guys with Hashimoto's) understand your unique body and develop key skills to create your own path to wellness. You'll learn what's really going on in your body, and key lifestyle factors to help you live symptom-free. No matter what path you take for your personalized Hashimoto's care, this course will serve as your companion, inspiring your next steps.

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seasonal cleanses:

A cleanse is your opportunity to slow down—to quiet what's coming into your body, and to activate your systems of detoxification and elimination, ultimately resulting in the benefits you desire—a cleaner and leaner body that functions better for you. Seasonal cleansing is one key in your path to optimal health.

FxNA spring cleanse: truly food ways to nurture your liver health

Spring is the ideal time to cleanse and support your liver, which has the job of processing the myriad toxins of our modern lifestyle. Your liver has great powers of regeneration when given the TLC it needs, and this delicious Spring cleanse does just that! The many benefits include: increased energy and vitality, a boost to your immune system, enhanced detoxification pathways, and weight loss (even for those stubborn pounds!)

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FxNA summer cleanse: truly food ways to nurture your intestinal health

Summer is the perfect time to boost your energy levels and your immune system with a gentle, soothing, and delicious cleanse. The antioxidant-rich foods that are plentiful this time of year provide the ideal ingredients to support and nurture your heart and small intestines – both critical to your vitality and well-being. Refresh your energy now with this sensational soup, salad, smoothie and juice feast that celebrates the delicious foods of summer and nourishes your digestive organs, as food is truly meant to!

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FxNA autumn cleanse: truly food ways to nurture your colon health

Autumn is the ideal time to focus on the health of two of your major organs of elimination—the skin and the colon. Detoxifying these organs provides relief for many digestive ailments, increases energy and concentration, jumpstarts weight loss, and gives your skin that healthy glow! Learn what to eat & how to prepare it with delicious & nutritious fall foods and recipes that will take you long beyond your week of cleansing!

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FxNA winter cleanse: truly food ways to nurture your kidney/adrenal health

Avoid the winter blues, sniffles, and sluggish feelings that often accompany the colder months of the year. Our winter cleans nourishes the organs that get overworked and fatigued in our fast-paced lives, giving you a boost of energy and immunity when you need it most. We'll focus on the kidneys, the bladder and the adrenal glands, taking advantage of the rooted and prevailing fruits and vegetables of wintertime that are just what your body needs for a restorative and comforting detoxification.

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good riddance: the real food remedy that rids you of your symptoms

A step-by-step proven system to eliminate the biggest inflammatory and symptom-causing culprits in your diet and lifestyle. Follow the simple steps outlined in detail in this month-long elimination diet and e-course and say Good Riddance to many of your symptoms once and for all. With audio classes, protocols, recipes, and daily inspiration, we consider this Step #1 on your path to optimal health!

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resolution detox: 10 days to a radiant new you

A 10-day digestion-focused detox to kick off your New Year! When you fuel yourself with good food, nourishment and community, and you boost those efforts by maximizing the powers of your digestive system, you're well on the road to renewing your drive and vitality (which may have gotten a little sleepy and sluggish after the winter holiday). Start the new year off right, gaining the secrets of how to support your digestive system—from top to bottom—so you can set the stage to look and feel better than you have in years.

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you're not the boss of me!
controlling your blood sugar so it doesn't control you

Blood sugar affects your mood, energy levels, hormones, and appetite. And chronic blood sugar imbalance can lead to other troubles down the road such as Candida overgrowth, diabetes, hypertension, and cancer. With this proven formula you'll release sugar's grip on your mood, energy and weight. With the role of blood sugar fluctuations in myriad persistent signs and symptoms—even those you associate with other diagnosed health condition—it's time to become the boss… the boss of your blood sugar!

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Estrogen dominance is the culprit of so many health concerns these days. And when your hormones are out of balance, you feel it everywhere—in your body, your emotions, and you can even see it in the mirror. In EstroZen, you'll learn how to care for the fine web of hormones that rule your body and your mind so that YOU (and not your hormones) can sit in the driver's seat. This course is a community favorite, with teachings, recipes, and support information that will change the way you view your body's natural and evolving chemistry.

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girl's guide to hashimoto's

Hashimoto's is a complex disease that can feel insurmountable—fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, and more. This class is for girls and guys, if you want to get to the root causes of your illness and take charge of how you feel. You'll learn how to untangle your symptoms, heal all of your body systems, and feed your body what it most needs. This course provides the education, mindshift and support that will finally get you back to feeling like yourself again.

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practitioner training:

reframe nutrition

Learn to use the top tool in functional medicine, no matter your scope of practice. This tool – the Functional Nutrition Matrix – will set you apart as the clinician or coach who can get results, and has clients that comply! To help the people you most want to help, learn to practice functionally with Reframe Nutrition.

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digestive intensive

Learn how to get sustainable results with even the toughest chronic cases (and fill your practice with referrals!) by practicing true root-cause resolution care. All healing begins in the gut, and no nutritional protocol will work if the digestive system isn't functioning properly. The Digestive Intensive teaches you the skills you need for every client, no matter what their symptoms or diagnoses are so you can become the go-to practitioner who can help anyone who walks in your door.

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full body systems

Practicing functionally is the future of healthcare because it's the only method that gets to the heart of what's going on with your clients, no matter which body system is affected, and creates individual treatment plans that work. Full Body Systems gives you the skills you need to truly get to the root causes of your clients' issues and guide them to health, even if they've been everywhere and tried everything. Be the practitioner with a functional nutrition practice – one that WORKS.

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You'll love the Functional Nutrition Alliance classes, too:

I woke up this morning and realized I actually WOKE up, not fuzzy and still half-asleep. I have more energy. I feel clearer, more present. This alone is worth its weight in gold. My fuzzy forgetfulness is legendary at this point in our family. They might have to get acquainted with a whole new Mom!
~ Kathryn, EstroZen Detox

I cannot recommend Andrea's Fat or Fiction class highly enough. Andrea is a gifted teacher who somehow simultaneously explains things clearly and simply while not dumbing down a subject. Andrea speaks to us like the intelligent partners that we all are on our individual journeys to health. This class demystifies the extremely confusing realm of fat, pulling away the confusing veil of media misinformation and instead providing us with real science. After taking this class I have information I can use for the rest of my life to make better choices for myself and for my family.
~ Annie Hundley, Fat or Fiction

My experiences with Andrea and her whole company have been extraordinary! I have been taking detoxes and cleanses for the last year and each of them has supported my awareness of my body/being on all levels (body, mind, heart & spirit). There is so much valuable information and practices that Andrea and now Ricki invite us to partake of. I always feel fed, nourished and inspired. Yes, there are moments of challenge but they come and go and I welcome them as great teachers.
~ Deborah S, BOSS Detox

This program's information, help, and support made it so easy to get off sugar – and stay off! The food has been so delicious, I don't miss any of my old comfort foods. Plus now I understand how food plays a huge role in overall health. I see many of my friends trying to lose weight, subjecting themselves to chemical and sugar-laden foods – which is the exact opposite of what Andrea is teaching – and I'm so grateful that I'm choosing this path.
~ Carol, Good Riddance Detox

This class changed my life! Andrea's in-depth knowledge along with her dedication and compassion creates a warm, supportive atmosphere for learning about how food affects how you feel. I was able to make important changes to my family's diet that day.
~ Liz Borowski, Sweet Tooth, Bitter Truth

As an alternative health practitioner I've done plenty of cleanses in my life. The most transformative cleanse I've ever done was Andrea Nakayama's FxNA Cleanse. By the end of the week I had permanently changed some lifelong eating habits, changed some foods I was eating, and changed my mind about the role of raw and blended food in my life. Best of all I lost 5 pounds and have permanently released some old issues which were getting in the way of releasing more weight. I was enjoying it so much I did a second week!
~ Nina Price, Spring Cleanse

My BOSS experience was empowering in many ways. I have a deeper understanding around my sweet cravings and what is physiologically occurring within my body after I eat sugary foods. I now have the tools of awareness and management to satisfy my sweet tooth in more supportive ways. Andrea was fully vested in each participant's well-being and individual experiences through the message board and on the calls. I appreciate the way Andrea talks to each person with dignity and respect no matter where they are on their healing journey. I am amazed at how capable she is in responding to each person's questions with truth, compassion and humor.
~ Beth B, BOSS Detox

Thank you so much for imparting this information and for all your support. I look and feel like a new person! I have been looking for answers and help for the past 4 years and this detox has made the biggest difference in my life. I am afraid to make any changes to my diet as I transition out of the program, as I feel so good and truthfully do not miss any of the foods we eliminated. I am looking forward to doing many more classes and cleanses with you in the future. You are amazing!
~ Cheri, EstroZen Detox

The Girl's Guide changed the way I look at, and manage my Hashimoto's. It gave me more understanding of how everything works, and how I can play a great part in managing my health. There is so much that I can do, empowered with the tools that the program gave me.
~ Jill, Girl's Guide to Hashimoto's: Hashi Companion

Andrea has once again delivered a home run with her BOSS experience! As a Health Coach, I signed up hoping to learn a few new pieces of information, but instead, the class shifted my whole reality and took me to the next level in my understanding of blood sugar! I also received a number of wonderful new recipes thanks to Ricki Heller. I absolutely would wholeheartedly recommend this experience!
~ Deb R., BOSS Detox

Andrea's system of teaching – combined with actual recipes, healthful protocols, emotional support, and SO much specific, useful information – has really brought enormous changes in my life in a relatively short amount of time. Thank you!
~ Cassi, Good Riddance Detox

I loved my first FxNA cleanse! The experience was great for my mind, body and soul. I paid attention to my digestion and learned a lot about what I need to do to keep my body moving properly. Plus, I finished the cleanse with more energy than I've had in a long time. Oh and the recipes...they were so yummy!
~ Deanne Josephson, Spring Cleanse

This cleanse has been a terrific experience – absolutely the best thing I could have ever done for myself. The food is fantastic. I've slept like a baby during the entire program. I feel more “rebuilt.” I'm sleeping 7–13 hours a night instead of my usual 6, and my body is operating a lot more smoothly. I'm calmer and less prone to cortisol spikes. I feel so “put back together” after doing this program.
~ Melissa, Good Riddance Detox