winter cleanse

Here's your chance to clean up, clean out & feel great in just 7 days!

FxNA winter cleanse: truly food ways to nurture your adrenal health

Are you struggling to keep your new year's resolutions?

Are you tired or stressed out? Maybe experiencing some winter blues?

Are you eager to resist the temptation to be busy and sink into some winter restoration?

Are you looking to sustain your immunity and restore your adrenal and energy reserves?

Would you like to decrease your internal inflammation, and support your major organs of elimination and detoxification?

Are you feeling sluggish and tired, and craving the chance to rest and digest so that you can reactivate your inner fire?

Do you want to feel comforted by all the delicious foods of the season, nourishing yourself inside and out?

One Week of Easy & Nourishing Foods for Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Check out our FxNA Winter Cleanse FAQ by clicking here.

"No starving, just the opposite, yummy eats - and to top it off, I lost weight and that's saying a lot because losing weight after 45 ain't easy."

I loved my first FXNA cleanse last season! The experience was great for my mind, body and soul. I paid attention to my digestion and learned a lot about what I need to do to keep my body moving properly. Plus, I finished the cleanse with more energy than I've had in a long time. Oh and the recipes...they were so yummy! I can't say enough about them. I ate my way through this cleanse. My fridge has never been so full! No starving, just the opposite, yummy eats! And to top it off, I lost weight and that's saying a lot because losing weight after 45 ain't easy. I've easily incorporated a few of the cleanse tips into my daily protocol. The FXNA cleanses keep on giving. I can't wait for the next one! Sign me up now!
~ Deanne Josephson, Boston, MA

Why should I cleanse now?...

Seasonal changes can be tough and confusing on our bodies and our eating patterns. Having a deeper understanding of how each season affects your different organ systems, and the foods that are specific to those organ systems, can help to propel you to go hunting for what will naturally satisfy both your taste buds and your sweet tooth.

Get ready to stop indulging in the foods that are slowing you down, foraging for those extra treats and calories, and feeling like you're a chipmunk storing food, fuel and body fat for the remainder of winter.

Increase your physical health and energy and have renewed determination to make sustainable health choices as you head to the end of winter.

Finish out the rest of winter by boosting your immunity, decreasing your internal inflammation, and supporting your kidneys, which function as one of your major detoxification organs, as well as your adrenals, which are core to your hormone health.

Slough off that sluggish and tired feeling that comes with the dark and cold days of winter and regain the motivation to take charge of your health as you move into spring!

Learn what to eat and how to prepare your food so that you can nourish yourself with delicious and nutrition warming winter foods. We'll provide the recipes that will take you long beyond your week of cleansing. you're going to love them!

"I lost 5 pounds and have permanently released some old issues which were getting in the way of releasing more weight."

As an alternative health practitioner I've done plenty of cleanses in my life. The most transformative cleanse I've ever done was an FxNA cleanse. By the end of the week I had permanently changed some lifelong eating habits, changed some foods I was eating, and changed my mind about the role of raw and blended food in my life. Best of all I lost 5 pounds and have permanently released some old issues which were getting in the way of releasing more weight. I was enjoying it so much I did a second week!
~ Nina Price, Licensed Acupuncturist/Herbalist, Wellness Coach, Palo Alto, CA

If you find yourself screaming "YES! I want that!" then grab a seat to the FxNA Winter Cleanse this season.

Here are the breakthroughs you'll experience with the FxNA Winter Cleanse. You'll. . .

  • strengthen your immunity
  • come into sync with your body
  • support your adrenals (those overworked fight-or-flight glands)
  • eliminate the ups & downs of mood and energy swings
  • feel alert, rested, leaner & balanced within days!

"The cleanse made me aware of things I could change in my everyday diet to support my health."

While I have always eaten a fairly healthy and balanced diet with lots of veggies and an occasional slug of greens in water, I really enjoy the opportunity to take it deeper with the week long FxNA cleanses each season. It's a new way for me to think about the changing of the outer and inner worlds through the year. I will admit that it's hard for me to even go seven days on that stringent of a diet, but this last cleanse I was able to accompany my wife for the entire week because the food is so good and it's all laid out so simply. During my first FxNA cleanse I uncovered a gluten intolerance - my first beer after the cleanse resulted in a small patch of hives! While this was not exactly pleasant it was a bit of a personal physiological revelation that has enabled me to better support my health and energy to keep up with a busy career and three kids. I'm ultimately grateful that the cleanse made me aware of things I could change in my everyday diet to support my health.
~ Dave Jeffery, Portland, OR

Revitalize Your Energy Now!

Why A Winter Cleanse?

A cleanse is your opportunity to slow down, to quiet what's coming into your body, and to activate your systems of detoxification and elimination. The inflammatory foods go out. The nourishing, supportive, and nutrient-dense foods come in. This ultimately results in the benefits you desire: clarity, focus, intention, decreased cravings, balance and renewed energy. Yet let's face it: winter is a tough time to cleanse!

Fortunately, winter offers us the rooted and prevailing fruits and vegetables that are just what your body needs for a conducive and comforting detoxification.

Winter is also the season to slow down, to conserve and restore your energy. It's time to burrow and consolidate your vitality to allow for the outburst of new life, creativity, and the inspiration of spring. Winter is the time to focus on one of your major organs of elimination ~ the kidneys and its comrades the bladder and the adrenal glands ~ which may be overworked and fatigued in our fast-paced lives. By supporting these organs you tap into your innate ability to reinvigorate, reinspire and renew yourself and your immunity through the winter months and well into spring. You CAN rebuild and restore the stressed out areas of your body that are slowing you down and impacting your energy.

Seasonal cleansing is one key to restoration.
It's your remedy for renewal.

Whether you're new to cleansing or are a seasoned cleanser, whether in Portland or Paris or Park Slope, you'll find your needs met with menu plans, practices, daily guidance and support.

Seasonal cleansing is one key to restoring your health.

It's your ticket to transformation.

Do you have questions about the cleanse?

Check out our FxNA Winter Cleanse FAQ by clicking here.

This winter join functional nutritionist Andrea Nakayama and holistic chef Andrea Livingston to revitalize your body.

We combine over fifteen years of nutritional and culinary expertise to bring you a detailed and outlined protocol and support system that promises to enliven, nourish, and regenerate your body, mind, and spirit for the months to come.

Don’t just take our word for it. Over 400 people have gone through our cleanses.
Read what they have to say...

"The teleseminar held my attention so tight I was disappointed when it was over."

I sat down to listen to the teleseminar with Andrea & Andrea after a busy Monday of getting my kids to school, producing a live radio show and mapping out menus and carpools for the rest of the week. I was distracted and preoccupied and only half paying attention until Andrea Nakayama asked me to stand up and feel my liver. That got my attention and she held it tight for the rest of the call. I was able to follow her seminar so easily and happily that I was disappointed when it was over.
~ Susan Davis, Chapel Hill, NC

What's included in the FxNA Winter Cleanse:

  • 1-1/2 to 2 hour introductory class to introduce materials, protocols and get you ready for your personal cleanse, with teachings about cleansing & the body's systems of detoxification
  • daily protocol for the entire week
  • recipe packet with delicious recipes to choose from
  • 24/7 online support from the FxNA team throughout your entire week of cleansing!
  • handouts to help guide you through the cleanse
  • list of supplies to assist you with the protocol
  • options for finding the cleanse level appropriate for you
  • instructions for purchase of any recommended supplements
  • online forum to connect with a community of like-minded people

What You'll Learn:

  • How and why to cleanse your body for the season
  • Which foods boost your body's ability to detoxify, feel lean, and recapture energy
  • Which herbs and supplements act to boost your immunity, decrease inflammation, and increase the elimination of toxins
  • How to feel nourished even while cleansing
  • What additional practices to engage in throughout the cleanse to amplify your body's ability to detoxify

And it's all from the comfort of your very own home!

FxNA winter cleanse: truly food ways to nurture your adrenal health

Are you ready to revitalize?

Grab a friend to sign-up and cleanse together. You can trade off the shopping and food prep and have your own personal support system!

This Program Rocks Guarantee If you're unhappy with the FxNA Winter Cleanse for any reason, let me know by 2/28/18, and I'll fully refund your purchase. Notify my Support Team of your decision at