"my mission is to be a part of a solution that fills the gaps in health care – one that focuses on healing the whole person."

Hi, I’m Brandin Roa, an Intake Specialist at the Functional Nutritional Alliance Clinic. I’m a Certified Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, Natural Nutrition - Clinical Practitioner and Certified Professional Cancer Coach. I’m passionate about individuality in healthcare, which is why I take such care in listening to each person I work with. I live with my husband and daughter in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Health and wellness have been a part of my life since I was very young. My parents created a healthy lifestyle at home, from the whole food diet my mom embraced to the sports and exercise-rich leisure time we enjoyed together as a family.

I graduated from college with a degree in business and spent 15 years as a marketing professional. Although I kept my healthy lifestyle during this time, it wasn’t at the forefront of my mind until I met my husband. He was racing in 72-hour endurance, multi-discipline events, which were a far cry from my normal squash game or 10km run! These intense activities called for a radical dietary shift, and I readily embraced the challenge. I found myself engrossed in whatever nutrition material I could get my hands on. Soon thereafter I formalized my education in diet and nutrition, completing my Diploma in Holistic Nutrition, and left the corporate world to start my clinical practice.

In the early days of starting my nutrition counseling practice, my dad was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, an incurable type of blood cancer. Conventional treatment helped keep the myeloma at bay, yet sadly he passed away at the age of 62 from amyloidosis, a complication of the multiple myeloma.

Because of my father’s diagnosis, I studied to become a Certified Professional Cancer Coach. My first-hand experience with his health crisis alongside my new studies quickly brought me to the conclusion that our healthcare system pulls out all the stops to treat disease, but has some significant gaps in healing the whole person.

It was a ‘Eureka!’ moment for me. I knew then that my mission was to be a part of a solution that fills the gaps in healthcare – one that focuses on healing the whole person.

I went on to establish a thriving nutrition counseling practice that bridges these very gaps to transform the health and lives of my clients.

When I met Andrea, I was struck by how closely functional nutrition fit with my interests and goals as a health practitioner. Andrea believes in treating the whole person and does so in a way that honors the individual. I have found a mentor with her and a home in the Holistic Nutrition Lab community.

I’ve since completed all of the practitioner trainings at Functional Nutrition Lab (FNL), formerly Holistic Nutrition Lab, culminating with the Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner (FNLP) Certification. Andrea’s teachings and mentorship have elevated my skills and my passion for nutrition tremendously. My clients experience accelerated healing and have lasting health.

My involvement with the FxNA Clinic also opened the door to a community that shares my desire to change the way we do healthcare (#dochange). It’s a tremendous opportunity to now be a part of the FxNA team.

All too often, we chalk our health issues up to something beyond our control – the aging process or our genetic inheritance. I’ve learned that this doesn’t have to be our fate. My work in functional nutrition has shown me that food truly is medicine, and that relief and remedy can be found in nutrition and lifestyle modifications that are at our fingertips.

The starting point is in creating the space to share our stories. Each person is unique, and there are subtle clues in each person’s complex history. My mission is to heal the whole person, and it begins by listening. With empathy and gentle encouragement, I help clients tell their stories, which creates a foundation for healing to truly begin.

Success Story

Through my work with Brandin Roa I have been able to gradually overcome the symptoms of acid reflux and related discomfort that bothered me for a number of years. Brandin is very thorough in her recommendations but always ready to support changes at the pace I was comfortable with. I never felt pressured, rushed or overwhelmed and her advice was knowledgeable and well presented. I learned a lot and through some very doable adjustments to the way I eat and the temporary use of supplements I am feeling a lot better. Brandin is a kind and caring person, and I especially appreciated her willingness (and promptness) to follow up with me. Thank you Brandin!

~ Irene