your blood sugar matters, whether you eat sugar or not…

Blood sugar plays a pivotal role in your overall health and everyday wellbeing.

Too little blood sugar and you experience headaches, cravings, low energy, and mood swings. I know I get cranky when I let my blood sugar drops!

On the other hand, when your blood sugar spikes you can experience increased appetite (not fair!) and low energy (again!).

Frequent fluctuations between these two extremes cause the familiar symptoms of weight gain, chronic tiredness, insomnia, skin breakouts, hot flashes, and more.

In fact, these fluctuations can be at the core of the persistent signs and symptoms you associate with a diagnosed health condition – the ones that don’t seem to resolve no matter what you do.

My experiences with Andrea and Replenish PDX have been extraordinary! I have been taking detoxes and cleanses for the last year and each of them has supported my awareness of my body/being on all levels (body, mind, heart & spirit).

There is so much valuable information and practices that Andrea and now Ricki invite us to partake of. I always feel fed, nourished and inspired. Yes, there are moments of challenge but they come and go and I welcome them as great teachers.

- Deborah S.

And have you ever noticed how sneaky sugar is? It somehow creeps into your diet and begins to control your every move. . .

It starts with a party or a holiday, continues on with an afternoon Madeleine or sweet coffee drink and before you know it, you’re craving sugar like it’s oxygen.

We've all been there.

Worse yet, a few days like this go by and you end up with a cold, the flu or a return of the warning signs you’ve been working hard to keep at bay.

And it’s not just sugar. Even if you don’t eat sweets, it’s your blood sugar that matters.

Blood sugar affects your mood, energy levels, hormones, and appetite. And chronic blood sugar imbalance can lead to other troubles down the road such as Candida overgrowth, diabetes, hypertension, and cancer.

You likely know some of this, which is why you’re here.

You also likely know that controlling blood sugar isn’t easy (at least not until now!).

The main reason I enrolled in the program was because I wanted to kick my sugar/refined carb habit, and was having a hard time doing it on my own. I had been told I was pre-diabetic by my doctor but wanted to find ways other than medication to manage my blood sugar.

Through the knowledge I gained about the physiological and biological reasons underlying my cravings, I was finally able to cut myself some slack and stop feeling like a failure. I also am now able to see my health, choices and habits on a continuum, rather than black or white; I've become both more compassionate towards myself and more rigorous and empowered with my choice making.

- Jessica

You Deserve the Facts

Maybe you’ve noticed that there is conflicting information out there. Is the Glycemic Index the Holy Grail? Or is it the Glycemic Load? What about coffee? And carrots? And breakfast? And fasting? All of the debate is enough to make my head spin!


And then there’s the trouble of trying to use a one-size-fits-all protocol to solve your unique problems. Your body and your life are one-of-a-kind. A good program will honor your uniqueness.

I mean, how are you supposed to control your blood sugar with nuts if you are allergic to them? Or what if you’re asked to eat meat and you’re a committed vegetarian?

Whether it’s your body or your mindset that’s asking for special attention, you deserve it! This is at the core of a functional nutrition approach to blood sugar balance – you are unique and we know it.

From the first session, the learning has been extraordinary for me. I feel the foundation has been laid for me to be more successful as I move forward towards better control of my blood sugar (a life long goal, challenge for me as a PWD type 1) and towards better understanding of what my body needs and does not need, (and what it no longer wants) bye bye...

Along with all the information, which I will continue to work towards learning and integrating, the physical tools of anchoring this has been very powerful for me.

- Elizabeth D.


And let’s be honest, we’ve all experienced the internal battle between the voice that’s steering you to the salad, and the sweet, intoxicating voice of chocolate cake or even raw chocolate macaroons calling to you from the bakery section of the supermarket.

It’s precisely because of these challenges that I created

you’re not the boss of me!

My name is Andrea Nakayama and I’m a functional medicine nutritionist. In keeping with the principles of bio-individuality and the successes I’ve seen in my practice, I've specifically designed this program to meet your unique needs. You’re Not the Boss of Me! will teach you the truth about blood sugar so you can take your power back and begin to live the life you want to live.

your life

What would your life be like without the fatigue, mood swings and cravings that come with blood sugar imbalances?

What will you do when you have your energy back?

Who will you be?

I’m excited to help you find out!

You’re Not the Boss of Me! provides a revolutionary strategy for controlling your blood sugar, your mood, and your overall health. And the best part is… it’s NOT about willpower!

Detox starts: Wednesday, April 19th
Detox ends: Wednesday, May 3rd

This two-week program is for you if you want to:

  • Eliminate your sugar cravings once and for all
  • Be at your ideal weight
  • Return to your TRUE SELF
  • Gain a deeper understanding of what’s really going on inside your body
  • Become the BOSS of your daily food intake so that you’re back in control

You’re Not the Boss of Me! delivers eye-opening education and practices about the effects of sugar in your body and brain.

Andrea has once again delivered a home run with her BOSS experience! As a Health Coach, I signed up hoping to learn a few new pieces of information, but instead, the class shifted my whole reality and took me to the next level in my understanding of blood sugar! I also received a number of wonderful new recipes thanks to Ricki Heller. I absolutely would wholeheartedly recommend this experience!

- Deb R

A recipe packet and protocol with low-glycemic and sugar-free recipes created by my co-teacher and expert chef, Ricki Heller, is provided for the duration of the program. Yet it’s the teachings, trainings and support that will get you over the hump and make this experience a homerun for you. If you have special food restrictions, we can help you customize your protocol.

  • You can think of this as spring boot camp.
  • You can think of this as sugar rehab.
  • You can think of this as the experience of a lifetime, the one that took you from stuck and craving to strong and brave.

This is the core program that puts you back in your power . . .

your investment of just $197 includes:

  • immediate access to the Replenish PDX Sweet Tooth, Bitter Truth Homestudy program (cost $67)
    • a two hour audio course detailing sugar's effects on your body and brain ~ listen on your own time and receive it immediately upon registration!
    • sweet tooth recipes using alternative sweeteners from the top sugar-free chefs to get you eliminating the white stuff without regret
    • handouts and charts on replacing refined sugar in your household
  • 4 comprehensive audio classes with functional nutritionist Andrea Nakayama and Candida expert and chef Ricki Heller of detailing the role and function of glucose and blood sugar metabolism, how to measure your unique response to what you eat, the psychology behind sugar cravings, and much more
  • full recipes and protocol to help you meet your goals with glory
  • easy to use message board for questions, comments and community & nutritional support during the live offering, April 19th through May 3rd (we’re with you every step of the way!)
  • opportunity to monitor your blood sugar and get feedback and guidance from Andrea and the nutrition team - this is an optional part of BOSS but the best way to learn “what’s going on in there”!

personal attention from andrea

This might be the best part of it all… When you register for You’re Not the Boss of Me! you’ll be able to get your personal questions answered by me and my nutrition team throughout the program.

We’re as devoted to your success as you are! This kind of individual attention is what makes this program different.

My Boss experience was empowering in many ways. I have a deeper understanding around my sweet cravings and what is physiologically occurring within my body after I eat sugary foods. I now have the tools of awareness and management to satisfy my sweet tooth in more supportive ways.

Andrea was fully vested in each participant’s well-being and individual experiences through the message board and on the calls. I appreciate the way Andrea talks to each person with dignity and respect no matter where they are on their healing journey. I am amazed at how capable she is in responding to each person's questions with truth, compassion and humor. 

- Beth B

I'm here, not just to educate you on what is true for everyone, but to help you understand your particular body. My nutrition team and I will be available every day during the program to answer questions and provide support on our easy-to-use message board and community forum.

There you’ll also be able to connect with fellow participants who are likely struggling with the same issues you are, have similar questions and are ready to celebrate your successes with you. Having trouble walking past the M&M jar on your co-worker’s desk? Post about it and get support!

Been off of refined sugar for a decade and still experience blood sugar swings and symptoms? We’ll help you get to the roots of why that’s happening and find the remedies that will support you long-term.

Making special cookies for the kids school and just want to lick the batter? We’ve got tricks to keep you on track – not just through the program, but moving forward so that you can STICK WITH IT!

We are in this together, for your health, your joy, and the wealth of life that you deserve!

Blood sugar matters to each and every one of us. Come find out why and let’s find balance, together!


This Program Rocks Guarantee

If you’re unhappy with "you're not the boss of me" for any reason, let me know by Monday, April 24th, and I’ll fully refund your purchase. Notify my Support Team of your decision at